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Clean Energy, Good Jobs, Clean Air & Water

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A healthier, cleaner, and 

more efficient energy system.

"If state leaders encourage the clean energy progress underway, Texas will continue growing jobs and the economy, while safeguarding precious water supplies. Embracing cleaner energy sources now will build a healthier Lone Star State 

for years to come." 

Modernizing Texas Infrastructure to Meet Future Needs


American Society of Civil Engineers 

gives Texas infrastructure  a “C-” 

"Infrastructure needs increased, long-term, consistent state and local level investment. Leaders from all levels of 

government, business, labor, and nonprofit organizations must come together to ensure all investments are spent wisely. " 

World Class Education for Texas Children


Texas voters aren't satisfied with the 

state's handling of public education.

 “Broadly speaking, you can say that Texans of all stripes disapprove of how the Legislature is handling public education."


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